Thursday, November 29, 2007

The evil magician

I walked past him in a hurry every time I had to. I literally ran. I kept telling myself that I would not look up. I could not risk it. I reminded myself of the last time this happened. I shuddered and hurried away. The voice beckoned. I was one room away and yet I could feel the pull. I had to go back there yet again. I had to sit in the same room where he had his throne and his magnetic pull and the voice resonating between the walls. Reluctantly, I sat down. I wished I wasn't so weak. I wished I had a good, engrossing magazine to leaf through. I fished out the newspaper from under a dozen books and held it up between us. Not once did I look up again. Then it happened. I forgot to tell myself repeatedly not to look up. I let my guard slip for just a moment. I weakened my resolve just for a moment. A sudden flurry of activity and that voice again ( "Is that a voice or is it music?") I looked up. My eyes met his. And I was lost. Image after image formed in my mind. I stopped thinking. I stopped feeling. The world came to a standstill. My broken resolve lay there on the floor. I stepped over it to get closer to him, see him more clearly, hear him better. There I was hypnotized. The black magic spun around me. It minced my brain. Listening to every word, believing the endless web of lies, swallowing all the nonsense that spluttered out. I smiled, I sighed, I groaned, I cried with him...On and on. Forever and ever. Lies, lies and more lies...

This could have gone on for a good number of hours if the power had not gone off. I am so relieved that the TV wont get switched on for a few more hours now. Till then I will remain myself - unzombified, un-hypnotized. *Phew! That was close*

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What was she thinking about...

She watched as her little one
played his innocent games
Passive, tired and faraway.
I wonder what went on
behind those shallow eyes
and that emotionless face.
Maybe she was just sick
of the shows on TV or
of her dull, small town place.
Maybe she thought
of her long lost dreams,
of promises made yesterday.
Probably waiting for nightfall
to end the drab day
Maybe she just wanted to run away.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Free rice!

I found this great game on the net -
If you can simply go over to this website to play the game in spite of knowing that it does someone some good, good for you, go ahead and play it...

Why am I being so bitter?? Because it is the truth. No one really wants to do anything for anybody else. We live in a closed world that is so much about ourselves and our needs and wants and miseries. Do we really care that there millions dying?Ha! And that is what is making me so sulky and irritable. Ha! Why do you care...