Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I have been trying so hard for the past few days to convey something to you. It is something that sits in my mind and reminds me of it ever so often. It is something that comes up from the back of my head during every conversation, every new thought, every repeated thought as well.

While it is easy for me to think of it and know that it is true, it is hard as hell for me to tell. Because the thing that I want to communicate is about this means of communication itself. As inefficient as it can get, I know it, think it, feel it, but man made words are so inefficient that I cannot communicate their inefficiency to you.

I bet you did not get this. Cause I told you, words are TRULY meaningless. I know you will not agree.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Treat

The end of each day
Brought new hope
The end of each hour
Brought more waiting
The end of each moment
Brought more impatience

Impatience, waiting, hope
For what the next day would bring
For the excitement
For the discoveries to be made
For the joy of something new
For the contentment

It was a great treat
It was a world where
She could enter for a few minutes
And feel the tension
Like being on a rollercoaster
No. Even better.

Every morning brought a new one
Something she rose early to wait for
Every morning in the fog
The delivery boy brought a newspaper
To her doorstep
And she could do her favourite ..