Monday, July 21, 2008

Let's go back

Gleaming eyes, feet without shoes
Never any worries, nor any blues
The wind in his hair fed his glee
A smile on his face for all to see
The cycle he rode, sped on fast
Alas! This joy barely does last
The boy, some day, will have to "grow up"
Leave joy behind, enter the muck
that this world pulls us all into
I know, I too wish it wasn't true
I too wish we all could stay
carefree, careless, joyful, that way

But wait. Why is it too late?
Is growing up like going thru' a one-way gate?
Why can't we just turn time back?
Run races, jumping with both feet inside a sack?
Laugh and jump like we always did
Of worry and pain we shall be rid
So why don't you and me make a deal
You bring sticks, I'll bring us wheels
Lets hit it, drive it and run down a hill
Across the stream, around the mill
Lets run all around and run all the way
Lets relive childhood, if only for a day

What say??! ;)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Immortals in combat

"Like two immortals locked in combat until Judgement Day...".
"Or... you can surrender..."

That is Barbosa and Jack Sparrows in 'The Pirates of the Carribean'.
Watching Fed coming back against Rafa again and yet again, I thought, if their master strokes, saves and returns could be put into words they must have said something like that.
Sport is one of those things that converts a man into his thoughts. It brings out a part of him that completely belongs to Nature. It is not acquired. Sport involves that part of the brain that performs by practice and by discipline and by simply letting go. It does not have time nor the need to ask questions and get answers. It has a way of showing the on-looker how a man can become one with what he is doing.
The same applies to a musician and his instrument, to a scientist and his work. While the body moves with the ball and the bat and these two move with the body, they become one entity and the rest of the world seems immaterial. The world seems too far away to touch them. It feels like gravity does not work on the mind any more. They are free to soar and to touch heights that no one could possibly reach.

Well, I think both Rafa and Fed reached that height last evening. It sure was one great match. As they reached that height, they took me along.There I was squatting by the television, whooping and yelling out support as though they could hear me. I guess that height does not pay heed to the limitations of man. That is why they both played like gods.