Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Moving Sky

The night clears out and I see
A sight that doesn't fail to move me
Clouds against an azure blue
Then a powdery sapphire too
The blue contains the blazing sun
Till the day is almost done
A dull grey behind a setting orb
Decked with orange purple daubs
A mysterious blue black it fades into
That holds in it (or just seems to)
The choicest jewels strewn around
To be carefully hidden in the morn
Then the wind paints in cloudy hues
And with these clouds the sky too moves
It moves, changes and carries me along
It fills me with a moving song
From my cozy spot in the park,
where I lie till it gets dark,
A thought gently knocks on my door
And I wonder on the grassy floor.
Something that only the eye can see,
That in truth is just fantasy
That which I can't feel and touch
Can touch and move me oh so much
An illusion, a show, a magic trick
Is that all it really is?

Maybe. But it still is magical

Friday, July 2, 2010

Music and Love

This music,
It flows all over me
Holds me
Washes all over me

The feeling
Rushes right through me
Thrills me
Rushes right into me

It tells me tales
That life is beautiful
That there is God
That I am loved

Yet it pains me
Makes my heart weep
It shakes me
It wakes me up

I need it
I long for it
I make it and in turn
It makes me

Mixed emotions
Of pain and intense joy
Of this moment
Fleeting by