Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Her 10 minute treat

She felt the coldness on her palm. Water vapour cooling off on the sides of the glass cup felt good on her dry hands. She looked at the scoops in her cup, decorated with exotic nuts and berries. The very sight was inviting. The cup of icecream was begging to be eaten. Strangely, something that looked so delicious had so feeble a smell. This was made up for by the richness that the first spoon of it gave as it dissolved in her mouth, the cold sweetness slowly spreading out onto her palate. The occasional crunch of a nut and the combined taste of chocolate with the nut made it heavenly.
The whole world stopped. The blazing sun was just wiped away, the honking vehicles were muted and the million trivial troubles that we put ourselves into were merely a speck in some distant universe. With every spoon she scooped out, it all disappeared. And with every spoon disappearing, they were all getting ready to make a come back.
All good things come to an end, and the short-lived joy was as fast melting as the choco-nut sundae.