Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Don't give me another name

No, I am not in camphor
Not in tinkling bells
No, I don't live in heaven
Nor is there a hell

I am not in murmured prayers
Not in whispered chants
I am not the slayer of evil
I am not the giver of grants

I am not in warring tribes
That kill without a thought
That preach about my will, yet
whose faith can be bought

Stop looking for me in idols
Stop looking in holy verse
I am right here, beside you,
in sunsets, on seashores.

I am in the quest for learning
I am in that which is pure
I am in trees and life and happiness
I am beauty that endures

I am in everything that breathes
And walks the face of Earth
I am in every kind word said
And in joyous mirth

Stop this trivial squabbling
Too many have died, too many maimed
I am life and love and freedom
Don't give me another name

Monday, September 15, 2008

Me am media's voodoo doll.

Warning: May contain traces of "humour" of the bathroom variety. Read at your own risk.

News is not entertainment. It is bad enough to have ads on TV channels that you pay for, we really do not need more rubbish from news channels. Least of all background music and the life of movie stars and their kind. They have their share of publicity. Newspaper supplements are filled with so called tidbits from their lives. Let them eat, drink and do whatever, just leave me out of it. There should be a law against wasting people's time trying to force stuff on them about what news guys think is news that too of the "breaking" kind. ("What should I break to vent this frustration") Or worse are the "citizen journalist" shows that are filled with dramatic music, video styling (camera tilts, slow motion, picture turns black and white all of a sudden) and weeping people. Are people so insensitive that they must be shown tears and suffering for them to accept that the other person is in trouble?

So the GOP thinks that Obama called Palin a pig. (If he really meant it, it was pretty decent of him to stop there). So what can we do? Why should the entire internet cough up links that talk about lipstick and pigs? Curiosity got the better of me and I read through all that rubbish. But don't blame me, you cant help but be intrigued if you see links that cryptically talk about putting lipstick on a pig. I wondered if anyone wanted to something so stupid why they would be doing it etc... Who ever knew that it was just a stupid expression.

Worst of all, are these so called entertainment channels that thrusts their sense of humour on people. It has ridiculous programs that go "dus ka dumb". Right you are. But a great understatement. It should be "Dus to the power infinity dumb". How else do you describe a show that gives you a complete audio-visual-sensory experience. When Salman pops up with his anchoring in a voice and accent that makes him sound constipated, it makes you look and feel constipated. Add to it Rakhi Sawant and it threatens to empty the contents of your stomach (Problem child style)

They all know where exactly it hurts and they pierce me right there. In my kingdom I will destroy the TV. And be more cautious before clicking on links. (sigh. cant banish the net)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Girl at work

Post number 50. Not a great milestone for me considering the rubbish that I have put in here anyway.
The milestone that I have been looking at more closely is having completed four months at my job. I have never had more fun than this in my life. I get these weird nods and empty smiles when I talk about how enjoyable my job is that I sometimes wonder if I am wrong in feeling this way. I guess people are more used to listening to cribbing and complaining about how over-stressed they are and underpaid. Talking about the pay, I am supposed to be earning less than a sweeper at NTPC, but that does not really matter. The fun that I am having while working is priceless. It is not so much in the place and the people (both of which are surprisingly great) as in my work itself.
I probably sound like a geek and like a goody-goody gal, and the kid that sits in the first bench and answers all the questions. But hey, I think I am one of these if not all... Not sure about the good part.
When I started out, I have even mentioned here on my blog, I was scared I would not be able to work up to people's standards, I was scared I would not fit in with my colleagues and I was scared that I would find out how stupid I really am. I have not found out how stupid I really am yet, but the other two fears just evaporated.
Is it just that everything has been really smooth for me or is it that when you enjoy your job, you have never worked a day in your life. (Or some such thing as Confucius said.)