Friday, July 20, 2007

Spiralling through to the depths of Hell

Call it a burning thought or what you will. But I just cant stop thinking of how we are allowing the children of this land famous for Aryabhata and Sushruta to become apes of cultures that are alien to us and trained machines that do as they are told.

It is no mystery why we have been reduced to doing jobs that are too menial for the "cultured and intellectual" people of the west. We have stopped allowing the individual to think. It is large scale death, plague that is eating to the centres of our brains.

My brain tells me that we are doing wrong. That we are allowing ourselves to be trapped in this abyss. Will the people in this country ever wake up? Whatever happened to morals and values. What happened to thinking, functioning brains. What has happened to us? Why are we so blindly walking into this trap? How are we going to guide the next generation. Is this the legacy we want to leave for our children? That we were a stupid lot who ended up making our lives as well as everyone else's lives miserable?

The reason why English has become so widely spoken? : Because it picked words from every other language and adopted them, made them a part of it.

The reason why USA is making rules for the rest of the world: Because it accepts things that are new with greater ease. (No, I am not in favour of US or its policy. Just stating a fact)

The reason why India is still "developing", still filled with ignorance, still a slave of the west, still stationary and still groping for its right place on this planet : because we take what is easiest to take - immoral behaviour, we run away from anything that is difficult, we look at something new with suspicion and try to trample over those around us who may try to prove our convictions wrong.

I keep asking, what stops this country from going ahead. I never can answer this question with any other answer. The answer is always the same: our children are not taught the right way, the right things.

I desire deeply that someday a magic wand is waved over this entire world and everyone suddenly realises how important children and childhood are and treat them right. It is such a mystery to me, how people can turn a blind eye to the needs of children, how they can remain unconcerned about their plight. This country is making grave mistakes especially in how it cares for its children. We are diving deeper into hell this way.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Close down Zombies Inc. We need people

My hatred for the education system in this country is "legendary". I have ranted and raved about it ever since I began thinking independently. Maybe the system by itself is fine( since it is so widely accepted. I am not very educated about it.) But its implementation is absolutely abysmal.

Have we not heard the greats of the world talking about how education must encourage an individual to think and understand and use knowledge effectively. We instead are encouraged to remember that the speed of light is 3 lakh km/s. What is a person going to do with that "great" bit of knowledge?( I probably got that number wrong. It could be 3 lakh m/s for all you know.) But is it really necessary to remember various numbers and equations when we don't understand. Wouldn't it be more useful to tell a child that light travels faster than anything and that its not possible to reach that particular speed because of its relation to energy and mass. Why remember the number? Why don't we give a child the idea that is to be grasped and allow it to take the value from a reference text book. Why are we making a child's life revolve around something as dead and uninspiring as an exam.

Exams are meant to test the thinking and analysing capacities of a child and not its capacity to remember. The system is making zombies out of us. Miraculously a lot of us escape from zombification. But that's because of the intelligence that we were born with. (Like that popular t-shirt says ... I was born intelligent but education ruined me. I agree!)
So everyone talks about it... abolish heavy school bags for kids, abolish as many exams as you can... etc. But is it really making things better. I don't think so.
I believe people with true understanding of a child's psychology should be allowed to shape a child's innate abilities, without trying to make it fit into the crowd. Children are not bricks in the wall and should not be. I don't mean to say that we must try to make a child unique and so try to make it bizarre and weird. Just let the child be. Let it find its way. Guide it. Don't try to make it do everything you want it to do. Don't try to live its life for it.

I have more to talk about this. I probably will keep talking about it to anyone who is ready to listen (or anyone who isn't ready. It does not matter to me. Read my first blog :) )

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Me and my big mouth

If you know me well enough you must know that if there is one thing in the world that I love doing, it is to talk. Now that does not mean indulging in conversation. It means just what it is to TALK. I can talk non-stop expressing my so-called opinion that is mostly not called for actually. Without worrying about what the other person feels. Whether or not the other person is interested at all. I speak as fast as I think because I am scared that the thought may just fleet past and I wont remember it. The other person might be denied this potential pearl of wisdom right?
Now the problem actually is that I don't have people enough around to bore with my talk. I am not as happy about chatting on the internet or on the phone. I guess, deep inside me I have a sadist who loves watching people getting bored to death with my talk. This purpose is not solved through the net or the phone. I still get pretty chatty on both of them...
This blog thingy is going to be another miserable disappointment because I wont be able to see the reaction of the reader. But it sure will satisfy my goal of boring people...
If you are reading this and have proceeded so far, it must be because
  1. you are already bored to death
  2. you were given this blog address by me and want to be nice to me by giving feed back
  3. you hate me and want to reinforce the reasons for your hatred
  4. you are curious about the max extent of stupidity that is prevalent on Planet Earth (that is exemplified effectively in this blog)

BUT, I have a very good excuse. When there are so many stupid people on this globe, who think they are worth many MBs of space, just why not ME?